Other Services

Lease Extensions

A property with a short lease is worth less and becomes harder to sell as the lease gets shorter – eventually, when the lease runs out, the property will be owned 100% by the freeholder! This business represents a huge and under-represented area of need for leaseholders and we aim to take the burden off the shoulders of those entering into lease-extension negotiations.

There are two ways of applying for a lease extension, the statutory lease extension process, and the informal extension process. The first takes longer but it is definitely worth the wait. Do you know that applying directly to the freeholder, as is advised by many estate agents, can result in you/your purchaser being left with a lease that is quite different from the original?

Terms can be changed so that the freeholder can charge more for licences and permissions, collect more in service charges, and recover their legal fees from the leaseholder should he/she attempt to take them to court!
We can manage the lease extension process on your behalf enabling you to avoid these pitfalls either as a vendor or a purchaser.

We will charge £600 inc VAT for managing the process on your behalf

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Recent and forthcoming government legislation has made this highly profitable but very specialized sector of the market rather a minefield for landlords. Did you know that: each borough operates its own set of rules; an HMO may or may not require a licence; unlicensed HMOs must still confirm to specific conditions; flat/house shares are always HMOs? We can advise on this maze of regulations, apply for a licence on a landlord’s behalf, set up a compliant and safe HMO and manage the property going forward:

HMOs (unlicensed)
Set-up fee of £600
On-going management – 15% of monthly rent + VAT
HMOs (licensed)
Set-up fee of £1,000 (plus the cost of the licence)
On-going management 17.5% of monthly rent + VAT


Our years in the business have shown us what our clients need and that is why we have developed a part of the business to do with property search and refurbishment. We recognise that some people enjoy looking for properties and preparing them either to let out or to live in. However, there are others who simply do not have the time or inclination and that is where we can help.

Property Finder

We will make recommendations on property investment based on budget. We will charge £250 plus VAT to provide you with a report on the feasibility of a specific investment. The report will give background information on the current rental market and your chosen property’s likely place in this market. Should you choose to to proceed to one of the recommended properties that we have found on your behalf, we would oversee the
purchase to completion.

Our fee: 1% of the purchase price of the property plus VAT

Property Preparation

Once you have chosen your property investment, we will prepare it for the market based on your instructions. We can be as involved as you would like advising on/furnishing your property, obtaining the necessary safety certificates, and setting up and managing the tenancy.

Our fee: 10% of the project cost plus VAT


Our involvement will be up to you! We can completely or partially project manage your property refurbishment liaising between you and the eventual contractor of your choice. Know what you want, have no idea, or simply no time, we can advise on your refurbishment, large or small, taking into account the necessity for planning/architects/structural surveyors and, most importantly, budget.

Our fee: 10% of the project cost plus VAT